An Ideal Standard

We set out to make not just any standard, but an uncommon standard. Three, in fact, each with a taste that comes from the richness of three individual kinds of rice. Standards you can drink any time, cup after cup and say ‘delicious.’ Taste that is rounded, not sharp, with a robust center. How close to an ideal standard can Seto Shuzo get? We‘re finding out. Slowly, simply, utterly delicious. We‘re setting a new standard for taste.

We hope you agree.

Pure-rice Daiginjo loves rice.

These three pure-rice Daiginjo sakes are made with the same water, and fermented with the same yeast. So what’s different? The rice: Yamada Nishiki, Omachi, Aiyama. We wanted to see just how far we could bring out their individual characteristics and appeal. It takes technique, knowledge, intuition, and above all, a love of rice. We brought together everything to brew these three characters: the serious Yamada Nishiki, the deep Omachi, and the joyous Aiyama. Which taste will you fall in love with? Which rice will you speak with, late into the night?